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GAZ Realty is working on several projects for the future.

About Us

GAZ Realty is a rapidly growing Super Station developer in the New York Tri-State area. Major Oil companies today own and operate less than 30% of the service stations in the U.S. and are continuing to divest their interests in this business. The company is always looking for opportunities to grow its business through partnership or acquisition. Although most operations to date have been Citgo brands GAZ Realty is looking for additional opportunities.

According to research done by GAZ Realty, the key component of the success of the Super Station market has been the growth of the c-store market. In 2004 this segment of the market grew by 5.8%. Although today the c-store business has been designed around the impulse buy for items such as gum and snacks, the company believes that this segment will mature to cater to more than just the impulse buy. Not only do consumers look to top up their gas tanks but their refrigerators too. In certain European markets major food chains such as Safeway have begun partnering with gas stations to offer mini versions of their stores. The slim margins of pennies per gallon have made gas become a means to bring customers into the stores.

The company expects this trend to grow in the US market because people love convenience. Due to their locations on main roadways Super Stations are well positioned retail points of sale for a broad range of goods. A customer can not only get gas and eat lunch, but also get their car washed, and pick-up some basic food items to carry them through the week. This single stop environment affords consumers a new level of convenience. Potential additional conveniences could include dry cleaning, franchised food outlets. GAZ Realty has a strong focus on developing this growing and maturing segment of the market through strategic investment in properties throughout the New York Tri-State area.

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